I have never understood people who say "I don't have time to go to church." As a young teenager, a little over 35 year ago, I hung around with a girl, Darlene, who had a catholic background.  I was protestant, not that I knew the difference, only that the Catholic chapel was on the left hand side, and that the Priest lived in a little dwelling attached to the chapel, something I thought to be very cool at the time.  We didn't as a family, frequent church all that often, but when we did, we entered the chapel that was on the right hand side.  The other fact that I came to learn from my friendship with Darlene was that the Catholics had services where one could attend either Friday, Saturday or Sunday's.  You could actually choose your day!Our chapel, alas, had only one service on Sunday mornings.  I remember this very clearly because Darlene HAD to go to church, said her mom, BUT...she could go to whichever service she wanted.  Now because Darlene was not allowed out no weeknights due to having to be tutored every night, we only had the weekends to hangout. And...there had to be a church service in there at some point so because we only had the weekends to get together, sometimes I would go to church with her.  If Darlene ever complained to her mother about having to go, her mom would always reply, "Darlene, it's only one hour. It's only one hour out of your whole weekend." I always remembered that.  To this day I can still hear her mom say, "it's only one hour." One hour.  If you think about it, one hour in a whole weekend is not a lot of time, what about one hour out of a whole week?  How many hours do we have in a day?  24.  How many hours in a weekend? Let's say from Friday, 6pm to Sunday 6pm, 48.  One week?  168. 168 hours.  And if you take that further to, let's say, one month, that's a mere 4 hours out of a whopping 672 hours.  Need I go on? To be able to take one blessed hour to slow down, to worship a loving and merciful God, to calm ourselves, to praise, to fellowship with others, to pray for our church, our community, our city, our country, our world.  One hour, one holy, blessed hour.  No longer then it takes to get your hair done - in some cases less!  No longer than it takes some to drive to work - in some cases less.  There is so much business, rushing, stress, concern, fear in our world these days in our homes, and in our families.  Just one hour. How about it? Just. One. Hour.