Pastoral Leadership

We at Pleasant Park Baptist have been sad to bid farewell to the Noakes family as they enter a new ministry in their new home in Cambridge Ontario. We pray God's blessing on them as they begin this new phase in their Christian service.

Meanwhile, as Pleasant Park embarks on a search for new pastoral guidance we enjoy a series of guest preachers from September to the end of December 2017. Rev. Arthur Crawley, a retired chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces is the current chair of the Church Council and will be providing pastoral care along with Lilian Rotar, former Pastor of Community Care at Bromley Road Baptist Church, and Rev. Linda Martin, former pastor of Castor Valley Baptist Church.


Our Leadership Team currently includes the following positions and people: 

Rev. Arthur Crawley (Acting Chair of Church Council); Maria Meade (Church Clerk); Patsy Duke (Treasurer); Lilian Rotar (Deacon); Reuban Yham (Deacon).